“Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

In a few days I will turn 60 years old. Time is an interesting thing, and we find ourselves constantly trying to make it go slower or faster. We say, “this will save time.” We say, “let’s push this ahead.” The truth is, we can’t do either.

Time can’t be saved or moved ahead; but it can be redeemed, (as the KJV says) or better “made the most of” (Ephesians 5:16) every opportunity.  Moses wrote the 90th Psalm, and it is there that he underscores man’s predictable years on the earth; 70 or 80 if our strength endures.

As a man, turning 60 gives me repose. What have I accomplished on the earth? Who have I made an impact on? How has life changed for me? What lay ahead for the years I have remaining on the earth?

It can be dangerous to ask introspective questions. To be candid, I have discovered that I overthink just about everything in life, and internalize much. Despite my faults, it is important that in the seasons of life that we evaluate the where, whens, hows, and whats of life.

When we stand before the Lord, we will be rewarded. Scripture admonishes us to seek heavenly rewards. The rewards of heaven are based upon human success; the rewards of heaven are based upon faithfulness.

Stacey Cormier is credited with the saying, “success is in obedience, not outcome.” For a husband, it begs the question, “have I been faithful (not perfect) in my marriage; according to God’s commands?” As a dad, “have I been faithful (not perfect) to lead my children into the ways of the Lord?” As a pastor, “have I been faithful (not perfect) in handling the Word, leading the flock, and caring for the least of these?”

Psalm 90 has become a theme scripture for me. Moses, the man of God, is telling God’s people that the Lord works with us “in time” even though He is unlimited by time.

  • He’s our dwelling place in every generation – that’s why He’s referred to the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob.” Jesus says that He is the “God of the living.”
  • He’s an everlasting God – which speaks to us of His trustworthiness. 
  • He’s not limited to the constructs of time, but moves within our time miraculously. Jesus gets in the boat, and it immediately reaches land…time manipulated. The sun stands still for Joshua…time manipulated. What can take us a thousand years to do, God can do in one day!
  • God will move heaven and earth to help us make the most of every opportunity.

God has been so good to me. At age 6 I got saved, at age 7 was baptized in water, at age 12 I was baptized with the Holy Spirit, and at age 16 I affirmed the call to preach the gospel as my life vocation. God sent me a wonderful life partner; who knew the night we met, that we would marry and share our lives together… (38 years this August). God has blessed us with three wonderful, God-fearing children & their spouses, and six glorious grand children.

Now Faith and I have the honor to lead Southwest Christian Center; more personally, YOU. Psalm 90:16-17 gives a great statement of faith for the time ahead of us:

  • Let us see His works again! 
  • Let our children see His glory!
  • May Lord show us approval!
  • Make our efforts successful!

To colonize heaven in Bakersfield and Kern County and beyond is our vision! To see His work again: souls being saved, sanctified, baptized with the Holy Spirit, healed, and delivered from the bondages of sin.

To see our children experience His glory! Our one-generation church being overwhelmed in the Holy Spirit’s power; signs and wonders, dreams and visions.

To have the Lord’s approval on how we steward our finances, our life. How we behave requires the Lord’s nod of approval. Let His right hand be upon us.

To be successful; according to the faithfulness of our God and His servants.

 I don’t know what may lay ahead for year number 60, but if history is any indicator, I know that God will be faithful!  May I be found faithful, too.